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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

 Note:We gathering all leads from  Google ads ,Face book ads ,Telecalling,News papers and Door to Door Marketing as  for Our Knowledge it is Geniun leads.

Please remember just we providing Information all thing like  salary,subjects,timings all things is tutor responsibiity,

• We are in the business of offering tuition services to parents and students.

We are a digital online platform to improve grades of students.

• We also give demo classes to them all over the world and all subjects.

• Payment for tuition class should be made in advance.

• It is the duty of the student to go through our website on daily basis for online lectures and solve questions and topics to improve their performance. We do not guarantee good grades if the ward is not taking test series regularly; so later a student can’t raise a demand regarding the refund for services if his grades are not good. Students should make effort on daily basis to pass with flying colors.

• One cannot make multiple accounts. One user can have only one account. It can also lead to banning all the accounts.

• One should be responsible with their own money and safety when dealing with others. Please use your own diligence.

• One is also responsible for monetary transactions and refunds. Herein, we are not liable for fraud activities.

• In case, anything happens and a tutor can’t take your class in an emergency or urgent setting; we will find a suitable replacement for you.

• For any kind of refunds, talk to us at Admin@andhratutor.in. If you have any mid-course cancellations; please notify to us well-in-advance. You can talk to us regarding this or give prior notice.

For tutors

• We can permanently ban your profile if you share contact details of students with someone unless particularly asked for the same.

• Here, tutors are well-qualified and well-read. They have also taken teaching certificates from renowned universities. They come from teaching backgrounds and training establishments. They will help you in cracking universities entrances provided you also do the effort on your part. They are products of great institutions and are cream of the universities.

• ‘One can judge well in advance if the tutor is right for you in the beginning according to their wit and instincts as it becomes difficult to change the tutor as it gets late and syllabus has to be finished.

• Please contact your tutors in case of holidays and illnesses.

• Tutors will mark their attendance and students are obliged to make a good attendance record. The tuition course Different tutors have different teaching styles to impart classes. In a larger classroom group setting, it’s not possible to give personal attention but here in hourly tuitions in business, commercial and private tuition; we are here to offer you tailored approach which is beneficial in long term. Provision of textbooks is the responsibility of the client altogether. How much tuition does a child require? Depends if the parents are keen for year-long tuitions to supplement studies or just before the exam- the child needs care and attention. So, the tutor has to judge according to their flexibility approach and strike a balance in providing tuitions to the student.

Note: Before  meeting people take precaution because we are meeting unknown people,Please wear Mask DUE TO COVID-19 if we safe all our family will safe.




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